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LeadPages: Pros and Cons

You must be knowing about the LeadPages if you build the landing pages for the websites. You must also be aware of LeadPages features and LeadPages pricing in this article we are going to discuss various pros and cons of LeadPages.

Pros of LeadPages –

  1. This is the best fit for those who need not a large amount of landing pages. The people who just need a single or a couple of landing pages. The people who are not in finding something to make a dozen of different landing pages for their internet marketing.
  2. Whenever there is a topic on the landing pages of the website LeadPages always takes its stand. Everyone likes it and is very popular all over the globe.
  3. LeadPages provides a lot of helpful information via its LeadPages newsletter. The information was reliable if once the patient accesses the information which is needed.
  4. It is really an extraordinary and great software for what it says i.e. for LeadPages. It will definitely give you the most beautiful and attractive landing pages and you need not give your much effort.

Cons of LeadPages –

  1. You can get frustrated because the coupon functionality with stripe does not work in the LeadPages.
  2. If there is no direct integration with Shopify then your life will become much difficult with LeadPages.
  3. It is very much difficult to figure out many things in LeadPages. You may get confused about this. You may learn it by accident as it happened to me.
  4. The monthly payments are really very painful for many members of LeadPages.

You have seen both the pros and cons of LeadPages now it’s on you. But I would say that you should test its free 14 days trial. At last, best wishes on your website.

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