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Low Investment Business: Handmade Candles & Translator

Most of the people thinks that to establish an online business you need to invest a huge amount of money which is not true. There are many articles which needs a very few amounts of money. In this article we are going to discuss about those articles.

We are going to discuss handmade candles which needs a very minimal investment and translator which needs no money.

Handmade candles.

Can you imagine Diwali without a single candle or church with no candle? The answer will be no. because candle is one of the parts of India. Therefore, the candles are an extremely popular business option because it is always in demand. This demand is because of the tradition in India.

some times for religious purposes and sometimes for the decoration purpose. During festivals the demand of candles is at height and a survey says India celebrates a new festival in every 5th day.

Now, these days the demand of therapeutic and scented candles is high in households, restaurants and hotels as well. So, working with these candles can boost up your earnings.

Language Translation.

If you are flawless in any language and very confident about your language knowledge then you can look at starting a business in which you can show the talent of your language to the world.

You can browse the online platforms like Upwork or Fiverr for assignments and certificate also which will add to your portfolio of work.

Now if you are confident enough then you can directly contact to the popular bloggers to see if they want their blog to be translated in other languages. It is a positive way to work with your linguistic talent.


These businesses are those which doesn’t need much Investment. You can start up these businesses very easily.

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