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ClickFunnels and Infusionsoft: on different parameters

ClickFunnels and Infusionsoft both are software for automating marketing. In this article, we are going to compare both of them on a different basis. So that at last, you can select your automate marketers from your own. So, here we go.

1. Plans

ClickFunnels gives its users a free trial for 14 days. If the service meets its users’ requirements then you can choose the plan according to your need which is the start-up plan and the enterprise plan. ClickFunnels charges are based on the traffic which it drives to your site whereas infusion soft’s charges are based on the size of the contact’s list.

Therefore, if you are looking for more flexibility than Infusionsoft is a more preferable option.

2. Marketing Features

In this Infusionsoft is totally a winner as it takes care of all the marketing needs of its users. You can run different strategies of marketing which also includes PPC advertisements. And this helps you to find all the potential customers with ease.

3. Number of sales funnels available

No, automate marketer can compete with ClickFunnels at this point as it is one of the best sales funnel builders on the market. It offers you more than 70 sales funnels in its enterprise plan. If you have purchased the start-up plan than you will get only 20 sales funnels. And it is obvious that you have to pay more for the enterprise plan.

4. Landing pages

ClickFunnels not only give you the 70 sales funnels it also provides up to 300 landing pages for the campaigns. Its basic plan consists of only 100 pages and the enterprise plan consist of the 300 pages. While Infusionsoft allows that you can customize the landing pages. In the landing, the personal name of the domain can be integrated.

At last, we have seen the different points of ClickFunnels vs Infusionsoft now the decision is yours. Thank you for reading my thoughts.…

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LeadPages: Pros and Cons

You must be knowing about the LeadPages if you build the landing pages for the websites. You must also be aware of LeadPages features and LeadPages pricing in this article we are going to discuss various pros and cons of LeadPages.

Pros of LeadPages –

  1. This is the best fit for those who need not a large amount of landing pages. The people who just need a single or a couple of landing pages. The people who are not in finding something to make a dozen of different landing pages for their internet marketing.
  2. Whenever there is a topic on the landing pages of the website LeadPages always takes its stand. Everyone likes it and is very popular all over the globe.
  3. LeadPages provides a lot of helpful information via its LeadPages newsletter. The information was reliable if once the patient accesses the information which is needed.
  4. It is really an extraordinary and great software for what it says i.e. for LeadPages. It will definitely give you the most beautiful and attractive landing pages and you need not give your much effort.

Cons of LeadPages –

  1. You can get frustrated because the coupon functionality with stripe does not work in the LeadPages.
  2. If there is no direct integration with Shopify then your life will become much difficult with LeadPages.
  3. It is very much difficult to figure out many things in LeadPages. You may get confused about this. You may learn it by accident as it happened to me.
  4. The monthly payments are really very painful for many members of LeadPages.

You have seen both the pros and cons of LeadPages now it’s on you. But I would say that you should test its free 14 days trial. At last, best wishes on your website.…

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Cheapest Online Business Idea

Whenever we think of creating online business setup, our mind just fills up with many ideas of affiliate marketing, web development, Digital Marketing, etc, etc. which might require an initial investment on learning

. But today you will learn about a very cheap and simple online business idea, which requires negligible investment and provides a very high growth rate, only you need to be consistent to it.

Today we’ll be talking about starting a YouTube channel; you just need a smart phone to operate and a determined mind to continue.

There are various examples of many YouTube personalities who started at a very small scale, many starting with just a smart phone, now promoting movies of various bollywood stars.

Ideas to start a channel

  1. You can start Vlogging, defining various things and skills of yours in it.
  2. You can review a number of products around you; this will increase your knowledge as well as your audience interest.
  3. If you love cooking, starting a food channel is a brilliant Idea. Only thing to keep in mind is to make sure you specify details of all your ingredients, so that it could be easier for viewers to replicate your style.
  4. In case you are an artist and want to showcase your talent to the world, YouTube is the best platform, many independent artist came into fame just because of their consistency on YouTube. Whether he is a photographer, film-maker, singer, dancer or a rapper.

Tips to grow on YouTube

  1. Always try to maintain your feed, consistency is the key.
  2. Keep your audience engaged by replying in comments and answering there queries.
  3. Building your own niche would help you grow your own name in that area, so that the audience could remember you with it.


So, these were some of the tips and tricks that you can use for growing on a platform like YouTube and start earning now.…

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2 Best Online Business Ideas in India (Without Investment).

There are many businesses which you can do online and start earning today. Here, in this article we are going to discuss two online business ideas which can be started without investing a single penny.

You need to give the time because without giving the time honestly, no one got success. So, here are our two businesses which we can start without any investment:

1. Language Translation.

If you are flawless in any language and very confident about your language knowledge then you can look at starting a business in which you can show the talent of your language to the world.

You can browse the online platforms like Upwork or Fiverr for assignments and certificate also which will add to your portfolio of work.

Now if you are confident enough then you can directly contact to the popular bloggers to see if they want their blog to be translated in other languages. It is a positive way to work with your linguistic talent.

2. Starting YouTube Channel.

If you are good at anything, it can be dancing, framing, music, or you have a good knowledge of anything like technology, cars, books, ancient caves etc. In a few words if you have anything then why not to show it to the world.

If you have a very good sense of humour then you can also start roasting or do stand up comedy. But always shoot and create unique videos and posts.

You can start your YouTube channel and post your videos regularly.

Follow some strategic steps to promote on social media platforms like on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and many other platforms.

If some of your videos go viral and if your channel manages to gain the attention of the minimum number of subscribers, then Google – the owner of YouTube will display some ads on your channel and for each video, they will pay a sum of money to you.…

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Small Online Businesses in Field of Writing

Nowadays, the world is going from real to virtual, from paper and pen to keyboard and monitor, from offline to online then why will you be back. The online platform for doing business provide you with various opportunity to show and earn from your ability.

And this article is for the person who has a very built mindset towards writing anything, either it can be article, blog, book or anything else. In this article we will discuss the online business for the persons who has developed a very good skill of writing. So, the online businesses are:

Ghost Writing.

There are many bloggers, marketers and various person from different field who are in search for very good writers because in blogging the writing is not only the work to do, there many other fields like marketing, SEO and media campaigns which also needs a lot of attention.

Therefore, the busiest marketers are always in search of good writers, whose written contents will be posted on their names and your name will nowhere. Therefore, you can say that you are a ghost who write article for the different person.

eBook author.

If you are very fascinated about book writing but don’t have much money to publish it then eBook is the best choice for you. You can write your own book and get it published online.

There many platforms where you can publish your book like Amazon Kindle, Lulu Publishing, iBooks, etc.


There are various businesses who look to hire freelancers or contractors to write online or to print the copy for things like websites or adds too.

If you are very good at writing then and the service of yours is very good then you can fill the need of various businesses by offering the work as copy writers.


The online businesses ideas is not only for the person who are app developers or web developers. In this world there is need of everything. Therefore, if you are a writer then also you need not to worry.

Go and check the above mentioned businesses.…

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Top Small-scale Business Ideas

There are many businesses through which you can earn money. In this article, we are going to say you about some businesses which you can start and start your earnings. Because in the twenty-first century there is a lot of things which you can start.

Here we are going to discuss some small-scale businesses ideas.

List of some small-scale businesses.

  1. Selling Handmade pickles: pickles are a very traditional food item and also very popular, not only in India but also across the world.
  2. Dance Coaching: If you are good at dance then this business is best.
  3. Music Tutoring:If you are good at music you can try this.
  4. Cooking class:If you are very good at cooking you can try this.
  5. Hobby Class:today the parents pay for their children’s holistic development.
  6. Spoken English Coaching Class:it is a home-based small business idea which is very popular.
  7. Foreign Language: if you speak some other countries language then this is best for you.
  8. Fitness Trainer:If you are very fit then this will be very good for you.
  9. Sports Coach:if you have very good knowledge about sports then you can try this.
  10. Interior Designer:it is trending for quite some time now.
  11. Organic Farming:If you have some land then it is the best choice.
  12. Tuition Classes: if you are interested in teaching then you can start tuition classes.
  13. Recruitment Services:this is one of the most popular businesses.
  14. Tiffin Services:it is a very viable small business.
  15. Event Organizer:In today’s world everyone celebrates on their small and big moments. You can make them cheer by this job.
  16. Custom Gift Store:Many people think that what should be the gift for someone and you can advantage of their curiosity.


These are some small-scale businesses which can be done with very low investments and in return gives you a large sum of money.…

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Low Investment Business: Handmade Candles & Translator

Most of the people thinks that to establish an online business you need to invest a huge amount of money which is not true. There are many articles which needs a very few amounts of money. In this article we are going to discuss about those articles.

We are going to discuss handmade candles which needs a very minimal investment and translator which needs no money.

Handmade candles.

Can you imagine Diwali without a single candle or church with no candle? The answer will be no. because candle is one of the parts of India. Therefore, the candles are an extremely popular business option because it is always in demand. This demand is because of the tradition in India.

some times for religious purposes and sometimes for the decoration purpose. During festivals the demand of candles is at height and a survey says India celebrates a new festival in every 5th day.

Now, these days the demand of therapeutic and scented candles is high in households, restaurants and hotels as well. So, working with these candles can boost up your earnings.

Language Translation.

If you are flawless in any language and very confident about your language knowledge then you can look at starting a business in which you can show the talent of your language to the world.

You can browse the online platforms like Upwork or Fiverr for assignments and certificate also which will add to your portfolio of work.

Now if you are confident enough then you can directly contact to the popular bloggers to see if they want their blog to be translated in other languages. It is a positive way to work with your linguistic talent.


These businesses are those which doesn’t need much Investment. You can start up these businesses very easily.…

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Best Alternatives for Anime Freak

Anime freak is a well-known popular website among anime lovers this website provide a wide range of anime content in your regional language mostly in English.

This is a trusted and highly reputed streaming website,  but as it is illegal sometimes it to face issues from legal authorities.

That is why we are here with some best alternative to anime freak so that your entertainment won’t get disturb.


This website is new in the market still it is doing a great job it provides a wide range of Anime shows and movies in HD quality you can stream your content online for free, as it doesn’t charge you a single penny that mean it is an advertisement based website so if advertisements are annoying for you can go for any other paid service.

Baby Anime

This website is similar to, its services are almost same, well you can stream hear your content in high quality as well as in low quality it depends up to your internet speed. For using this website to do need to sign in you can easily stream your desired content here you can find not only new anime series but the classic one as well.


 This website has a wide range of Anime related stuff you can find almost every thing you can imagine related to anime in matter of entertainment. Its user interface is really very easy to use, its advanced search engine make it very easy to find the content you are looking for.


 Anime freak is a very popular website that’s why legal authorities can target it easily but the alternative we have listed are not that much popular to gain the attention of legal authority that’s why you can stream from these alternative if you are not able to excess anime freak.…

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Anime Freak Alternatives

Anime freak is a very popular and most used website among anime lovers.

But this site is illegal that’s why it has faced a lot of problems from legal authorities but don’t worry you can still stream your anime content from other alternatives of animal freak

Here is a list of some alternative to Anime Freak.

  • KissAnime

It is a very popular anime website among anime lovers it is also known as the king anime websites. a lot of people visit this website on daily basis for their favorite content you can find here almost every genre of Anime such as horror, comedy, adventure and so on for free. Its user interface is quite attractive and it allows you to choose the quality of your content as per your convenience or your internet connection.

  • Animelab

this website is quite suitable for you if you are a beginner because it divide its content in categories such as latest series, genre, top rated etc. Its interface makes it easy to find the content easily for beginners you can stream here for free in high quality.

  • Animeheaven

If you stay confused that what to watch next this site will be helpful for you, as it also suggest you that what should you watch next as per your streaming history. You can stream here for free this website has wide range of content as it keep updating itself constantly.

  • Anime Frenzy

Its Interface is quite interesting as it is dark which is really very attractive this website has divided its content in categories such as ongoing shows, top rated shows etc.  So that the viewers don’t face any difficulty to find their desired content.


If you are a anime freak you must have known about this websites already. But still we would also suggest you to stream from trusted websites only to protect yourself from any sort of fraud, malware etc.…

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Home Décor Write for us

If you think that you have the capability to express your thoughts then we welcome you on board. We are here to welcome new ideas, innovation and creative contents.

To get started you may submit a draft of your work the draft can be complete, half complete but it should have a summary at the bottom before submitting your draft

some important point that you should crosscheck is

  • The draft should be written clearly.
  • It should follow the style guide of home decor write for us – described by us
  • The fact (if any) should have a reference.
  • The date should be mentioned in the fact (if they likely to change)
  • The maximum length of the draft can be about 1000 to 1500 words.

After you have worked which is in line with your requirement then you may submit your work at our official website.

Once your work is received and if we found that it matches our requirement then you may get a feedback call from our team explaining to you about the various other changes that you have to make in the submitted work. They will again ask you to submit the work for further checking once you check this out then you will be either asked to choose a topic on your own or maybe given a topic to write a complete article.

What content are you looking for?

Keep one thing in mind that we want good quality and original content with great vocabulary. Once you submit the article, then we will review it and will let you know for the same.

How to submit

You can directly email us your written article within a prescribed format, with a subject line – New writer for Review

The format of the article can be simple with accurate words, else we prefer the PDF format.


Keep Posting……